ControlBPanel - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does "Restart Device" do?
A: Reboot device simulates battery pull, i.e. it does soft reset of the phone. The purpose is to force the device to load operating system (OS) and all installed applications from start. Thus it ensures clean device start-up.

Q: I have deleted an application, but it still appears in the application list?
A: To delete successful an application, BlackBerry device usually requires restart (reboot). If you haven't seen a standard dialog asking for restart (or you have skipped it), go to Tools and use "Reboot device"

Q: How can I delete multiple applications at once?
A: Delete a selected application, choose "Restart Later" option, when the system dialog appears, and delete all other applications, which you want to remove. After that go to Tools and use "Restart device".
Note: this approach works only for OS 4.2.1 - 4.6. For OS 4.7 once you dismiss the "Restart Later" dialog, you won't be able to run "Restart device".