MicroArmoryStarter - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Microarmory?
A: World Of Warcraft Microarmory (http://microarmory.com) is a site, especially designed for your smartphone. You can get information about your World Of Warcraft character with few easy clicks.

Q: What is the purpose of MicroArmoryStarter then?
A: MicroArmoryStarter provides you with a shortcut icon, which you can place at your HomeScreen for example, so you can reach Microarmory in just a click. Moreover MicroArmoryStarter offers few options to choose, so you don't need to type your character name and realm every time.

Q: How to get to the MicroArmoryStarter Options?
A: On your HomeScreen select icon Options, after that scroll down to MicroArmoryStarter item.